Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beauty - Bobbi Brown purchases


As always seems to be the case with me, all of my major go to makeup products ran out at exactly the same time - so annoying!

For the past year or so I have been using the foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - which has served me very well.  In fact I do have a tiny bit left so I will most probably continue to reach for this every now and again.

After trawling the Internet and reading various reviews of the best foundations on the market, I decided to mix it up and plumped for Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation for a change.  It is described as 'a lightweight, water-based foundation (which) instantly hydrates and freshens'.

I purchased shade 3.5 warm beige which is a good colour on me.  During the day I tend to use the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser in light tint which I absolutely adore.  I am not a huge fan of a thick foundation base as I find it quite uncomfortable, even more so since moving to a hot country.  This foundation is supposed to be one step up in terms of coverage to the tinted moisturiser. 

It has a very similar and light consistency to the Chanel, but I think this offers slightly more coverage.  With baby T's arrival very imminent, 
a little more coverage will be definitely something I need in my life!  

I also purchased a new bronzer.  For years I have used the Clinique pressed powder in Sunkissed and absolutely love the colour.  I have always been a bit of a fan of bronzer and wear it all year round - perhaps it is something to do with me hailing from Merseyside, who knows?!  My big gripe with the product is the packaging - it is TERRIBLE!! I have broken pretty much every single one of the compacts I have ever owned.  There is a massive fault with the hinge on the compact which breaks no matter how careful you are.  The only solution I have found it to keep the compact in its original box, however after 6-9 months of use, the box does start to look a little bit disgusting.

I have contacted Clinique in the past about the problem and they very kindly replaced the broken compact for me, however have done nothing to improve the design of the product.  So, with a heavy heart I decided to switch allegiance to Bobbi Brown and give their Bronzing Powder a try.

I purchased the shade Golden Light, which seemed to be the best match for my skin.  I do have a bit of a tan at the moment, but didn't really want to go any darker as I do use bronzer all year around.  

The product does seem pretty similar to the Clinique bronzer.  It is very matt with no glittery particles in it which I like as glitter and a corporate office job don't really go hand in hand!

So far I love this product, it is not too dark but also not so light that you can't even tell you are wearing bronzer. It works well in the day and does seem to last which is impressive in this heat!

Finally for my impulse buy - blusher.  I religiously use, Benefits Posy Tint or Cha Cha tint as I love the staying power as it does not budge all day.  Sometimes though I do like to reach for a powder blush every now and again.  

The girl in Bobbi Brown recommended the shade Nectar for me, one of their top sellers.  It does look a little scary upon first glance, however when blended, it really complements the bronzy kind of makeup look that I tend to go for.  

I am now on the hunt for an industrial strength concealer, I am tom between the Mac studio... and YSL touche eclat (which I haven't used for years but used to adore).  I currently use Bobbi Brown's concealer, however don't really like the powder attached to it which seems like a bit of a waste of time.  Any recommendations would be much appreciated, as I think concealer is going to become my new best friend over the next few years!!


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